Region IV October Meeting

Friday  |  4:00PM - Adjournment

Date: October 20,2017

School: de anza college

Room: conference rm A&B

Teleconference line: 1-888-886-3951

Cell Phone: 1-913-312-3202

Passcode: 329226


Supplemental Documents


Representation: To serve as the voice of the students in matters of statewide and regional concerns before the SSCCC and officials with subject matter and/or local jurisdiction.
Collaboration: To foster relationships with different student boards, local student senates, and other statewide agencies or organizations that have an interest in student affairs.
Accountability: To function as a democratically-elected and empowered body remaining accountable to its constituency, expressing the general will of the students and following through with its responsibilities.
Communication: To Provide ongoing dissemination of information in order to enhance awareness of statewide and regional issues and maximize input from students.


Region IV strives to establish equity, accessibility, and transparency for all students through continual encouragement, empowerment, and advocacy. We dedicate all procedures and accomplishments to accommodating the unique needs of each student in order to foster an inclusive, progressive learning community.